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The Benefits of a Visit by a Massage Therapist

The American College of Physicians® and the American Pain Society recommend massage as a way to alleviate chronic pain. THERAPEUTIC INNOVATIONS we are more than just a massage uses specific techniques to work with strained, sore muscles. Our massage therapists in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, help to soothe aching muscles, relax the body, and relieve tension. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are five benefits to massage therapy treatment.

Reduces Pressure

A reclining chair reduces pressure on the spine by supporting the back in a horizontal position. This reduces stress on major nerves that run through the vertebrae to peripheral areas, including: hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Tension in the spine (or misaligned vertebrae) can compress nerves, only relieved by relaxing the muscles. When this happens, the spine lengthens and natural alignment resumes, enabling easier nerve impulse transmission throughout the body.

Relaxes Muscles

It relaxes your muscles and helps you to maintain good posture by targeting specific muscles through several kinds of pain-relieving strokes. As muscles relax, imbalances are corrected, giving the body increased mobility. The body compensates for muscle pain by using another set of muscles, placing undue stress on adjacent muscles and ligaments. For example, a sore hip may make someone sit unevenly to reduce pressure on the painful side. This causes the muscles along the lower spine to bear weight unevenly. Neck or shoulder muscles may become strained from misalignment or from bearing weight usually held by the lower spine. After a session in a massage chair, many people feel that their posture and balance have improved.

Relieves Stress

Stress affects not only mental well-being; it has a physiological impact on health as well. Stress may cause sleeplessness, poor appetite, and even high blood pressure. Alleviating stress reduces levels of cortisol, reducing blood pressure.

Improves Circulation

It improves blood circulation, promoting healing. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs and removes toxins. Tense muscles can constrict blood flow. Relaxing these muscles can reverse this, and even improve the immune system (according to the Mayo Clinic).

Releases Endorphins

Massage stimulates the body's secretion of endorphins, neurotransmitters that regulate stress and pain. They create a feeling of well-being and enhance immune response, in addition to alleviating headaches. Studies have shown that massage triggers the secretion of endorphins.