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About Us

Crystal Collazo graduated from The Deep Muscle Therapy Center (now known at the Cortiva Institute®) of Gulph Mills, Pennsylvania, in 1990. From there, she started offering massage therapy services, manual therapy, and stretching programs throughout Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding Tri-State Area. A great benefit of this professional growth has been her ability to witness firsthand the benefits that comes from coordinating chiropractic medicine and massage therapy, in particular, how it promoted overall wellness while providing successful pain management.

Public and Union Work

She continues this long history of effective massage therapy. Her clientele includes many police officers, firefighters, and both public and private school teachers. She has provided massage therapy for student athletes at Archbishop Ryan High School, as well as many unions, including:

•332 Labor Unions • Electrical Union • Plumbers Union • Spring Fitters Union

Events, Lunch and Learns, and Health Screening

THERAPEUTIC INNOVATIONS we are more than just a massage is a group of massage therapists that provide office and mobile treatments for those looking to relax, or obtain pain relief. We have provided our services at a variety of events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including some hosted by:

• Augusta Westland
• Crown Holdings®
• Rutger University Campden Campus

• Elliot Lewis
• Peps-Cola®
• Ready, Willing, Enable

• Senior Expos
• Sterling Healthcare and Rehabilitation

• YMCA Events


Wide Variety of Treatments

We specialize in providing mobile therapy services at your home or place of work. With benefits ranging from stress, tension, and pain relief to muscle building, scar desensitization, and muscle building. Studies have shown that massage therapy is effective for a variety of conditions, from anxiety and headaches to:

• Digestive Disorders
• Fibromyalgia
• Insomnia Related to Stress
• Myofascial Pain Syndrome
• Paresthesia and Nerve Pain
• Planter Fasciitis
• Shin Splint
• Soft Tissue Strains or Injuries
• Sports Injuries
• Temporomandibular Joint Pain

Young Patient and His Grandpa Philadelphia Freedoms With Crystal Collazo Billy Jean King With Crystal Collazo
Darryl Dawkins With Crystal Collazo Malcolm Jenkins With Crystal Collazo


All of the previous reviews couldn't be more spot-on. Crystal was so professional, on time, very responsive to feedback during the massage, and just general pleasant to have in my home. The night following my massage I had zero back pain and I couldn't be more appreciative. She certainly knows her stuff!
-Emmalie V. Jun 25, 2016

I loved my experience with Crystal! She is attention to detailed, and I can't wait for another visit tomorrow!
-Tony S. Jun 2, 2016

Crystal has very strong hands, she's very accommodating with scheduling, and she's very professional. She creates a very relaxing atmosphere with music, candles, and fresh fragrances. I would highly recommend using her services to anyone with chronic back pain, sports related injuries, or just need a nice relaxing massage.
-Shynea H. May 4, 2016

I'm a Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist, and suffered a injury to my shoulder. As part of my rehabilitation of my injury, I was looking for a experienced MT to help me recover. I decided to hire Crystal after reading her profile and reviews. She was the perfect therapist for the job. Her experience as a therapist was professional and caring. She communicates and demonstrates her technique and skills. I have recovered more quickly with her help. I continue to receive therapy on a regular basis from Crystal and highly recommend her services. She is always on time and very professional!"
-Stephen B.

"Very impressed with her experience and knowledge. Knew what areas to work, and applied to correct amount of pressure. Would recommend her 100%"
-Michael K.